About Us

Here's a little bit about us


We are a group of student leaders seeking to educate ourselves, the University of Rhode Island, and fellow college students about pertinent issues around race and ethnicity inclusion in higher education.


We educate, communicate with fellow schools and departments, and change the world one annual conference at a time.


Student involvement is the catalyst of innovative ways to reach our generation and as a conference planned by students, for students we hope to be that catalyst.

Mission Statement

The Rhode Island Diversifying Individuals Via Education (D.I.V.E) Conference seeks to promote intercultural competence and inclusion on college campuses through ­­­workshops and discussions. The conference seeks to educate student leaders on the importance of racial and ethnic identity and to empower students by exposing them to diverse perspectives. We hope to develop plans of action that enhance their leadership capabilities on their campus with a basis of cross-cultural competency. By initiating conversations amongst student leaders, we hope to create and sustain connections between students from local colleges to promote cooperation and collaboration. We aspire to further identify issues of institutional inequity and advocate for social change on different college campuses.


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