March 23rd-24th Kingston, Rhode Island

*Application Deadline March 6, 2018 – Rolling Acceptance*

Speakers have come from across the United States to share their perspectives on how to aid student leaders in their quest for cultural competency with regard to ethnic and racial equity. We invite you to join the ongoing movement that is D.I.V.E RI in 2017.

D.I.V.E RI 2017 invites proposals that:

–  Expound upon the theme of, “Restoring Hope.”
– Elicit comprehensive and engaging dialogue.
– Challenge the attendees knowledge and encourage active problem-solving.
– Highlight practical models for solution strategies.

Here are a few program highlights from years prior:

“Equity Through Inclusion: Increasing the Potential for Minority Success in Majority Settings”- Catalina Martinez
Unrapable: Racism, Hypersexualization, and Sexual Assault in Black Communities”- Nwando Ofokansi and Claire McVicker
Wow! You Speak Like You Are White: Achievement Gap? or Opportunity Gap?”- Matthew Quainoo

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