Session 1

10:00AM - 11:10AM

Robert Rydeski & George Greenhalgh

A Real Man v. A Good Man: Redefining Healthy Masculine Identity

Erica O’connell

Creating Hope Through Service

Catalina Martinez

Equity Through Inclusion: Increasing the Potential for Minority Success in Majority Settings

Felina Kelly

Choosing My Race? Multiracial Identity Development and Racial Fluidity Speaker: Felina Kelly

Nwando Ofokansi

Community Relations and Allyship in Trump's USA

Wesley Boucher & Shen de Leon

"But like you're not a person of color...": Identifying as a Member of a Model Minority

Enma Cabrera & Frances Vazquez

Restoring Our Roots: Improving our relationship with Earth in a society of consumerism

Rachel Dunham & Christiana Molinski

It’s not just locker room talk: Discussion about the Implications of Rape Culture

Session 2

11:30AM - 12:40PM

Laryssa Domingo

Health is a Human Right

Waverly Findlay

White Feminism in the Alt-Right Era: How to Make your Feminism, Activism, and Resistance intersectional

Howard Lee II

What are you willing to Die for?

Amarildo Barbosa, Sarah Lima & Kevin Nguyen

#StudentLens: Incorporating Students in the Multicultural & Inclusion Office Growth Process

Mimi Kounlavouth

Breaking the Stigmas of Depression and Anxiety as a Minority

Alex Saysithideth

Slanted Perspective: A Straight Look at Asian Americans

Melissa A. Marcotte

The Psychology of Social Injustice

Alyssa Gil

Identity’s Role in K-12 Education and Restoring Hope through Opportunities for POC

Session 3

2:10PM - 3:20PM

Virgelica Cabral

Mass Incarceration & Rhode Island: Unveiling the Ramifications of the Prison System

Akeem Lloyd

Break The Cycle

Gloria Ihenetu & Nebyat Teferra

We All Have It!: Exploring The Facets of Our Privilege

Fardowsa Abdulle

"But Where Are You Really From?: On Breaking Cycles and Being First Generation In America"

Brandon Maxwell

The Liberator

Elizabeth Malloy

Check Off Other: The Multiracial Identity

Kevin Pajaro

#MasculinitySoFragile: An Equity-Centered Interrogation of Manhood

Tae’Shaona Matthews

Black Kids on the Internet: Examining Social Media and Social Movements