Session I

11:30AM - 12:20PM

Donnie Taveras, Deborah Bergner

Real Stories, Real Discussions and Real Conversations at Home: Diversity Programming at URI

David B Hayes

Talking to the White Wall: Why Speaking Truth to White People about Racism is Often not Enough

CeCe Jacob

Hairs Some Knowledge: Understanding Hair and the Societal Perspective

Tiffany Chheuy

How Can Someone Invisible be a Model?

Zulmy Cortez

Femeconomics Applied to Race and Ethnicity

Norman Barber

Mercy, Mercy Me Poison is the water that flows: A Call for Environmentalist in Urban America

Raymond Watson, Dwayne Keys

The Impact and Importance of Cultural Equity in the 21st Century

Tom Balestracci, Michelle Rosa

Creating Multicultural Change On Campus

Catalina Martinez

Equity Through Inclusion: Increasing the Potential for Minority Success in Majority Settings

Session II

12:35PM - 1:25PM

Nnemdi Azubuko, Anay Baez

Major Key to Success: The Role of Multicultural Organizations in Student Success

Erin Albanese, Lindsay Costa, Rachel Dunham

One Dot at a Time: Inspiring a Culture of Nonviolence on your Campus

Carmen Diaz-Jusino

Entrepreneurship: An Opportunity to Reduce the Wealth Gap Between Races

Oluwadamilola Animashaun

I Am Not Just A Body, But a Somebody: Rectifying the Sinister Connection of Slavery and Universities through Reparations

Sterling Clinton Spellman and Elkinsette Clinton

Who Am I?: Staying True to Yourself While Living as a Black Girl in a White World

Shane Lloyd

Created Equal: How Class Matters in Our Lives

Kyle Delgado

Best of Both Worlds: First Generation Experience

Session III

03:10PM - 4:00PM

Qutaiba Albluwi and Katrin Jomaa

An Islamic Response to Racism

Melissa Boyd-Colvin, Luckson Omoaregba

What Are Your Strengths? Delving Deeper for Personal Tools for Real and Sustained Change

Michael Bonilla

Nonviolence and Self Identity, Bridge of inclusion.

Ganiatu Afolabi

Black Male Privilege in the Era of Police Brutality

Harrison ‘Jon Hope’ Grigsby M. Ed

What Kind of Art is This?

Victoria Kern

Social Justice with People from Privileged Groups: Activites, Facilitation Techniques, and Tips to Overcoming Resistance

Nwando Ofokansi and Claire McVicker

Unrapable: Racism, Hypersexualization, and Sexual Assault in Black Communities

Joel Pettigrew

Intent, Impact, Language, & #Inclusivity

Naomi Thompson J.D., Fernando Guzman Ph.D

Landing the Perfect Job While Keeping it Real!