Last year’s conference was a two-day event where students and staff from URI and from surrounding Universities got together to talk about issues that are not typically spoken about in the classroom. Friday we kicked off the conference with an introduction from the student conference planning committee and we had the honor to have Tony Johnson, the Assistant Dean of Intercultural Student Engagement at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), be our opening speaker. Later that night, we partnered with URI’s Student Alliance for the Welfare of Africa (SAWA) for our nightly entertainment which was their 17th Annual Hair Show. The next day followed with 21 different workshops facilitated by students, alumni, staff, and faculty from URI and neighboring partners. The second half of Saturday was a moment for participants to come back together and talk about their conversations in an interactive activity called World Cafe. As the final event of the conference, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill finished our conference with an impactful keynote address challenging attendees to begin change with our day-to-day interactions and to challenge our history in making our future.

To learn more of last year’s program and events, click here to view the 2015 program.

Keynote Speakers

Marc Lamont Hill

Keynote Speaker

Tony Johnson

Keynote Speaker

Speakers from DIVE RI 2015

Billy Bowden, Kyle Nacci and Mark Canny

Blacklisted: The Influence of Racial Bias on Higher Education

Dean Earl Smith III


Gunnery Sergeant Jarod Royal

Commonality in Chaos: Effectively Leading Across the Race and Gender Spectrum

Jennifer Castro and Cynthia Spinola

First Gen, Again: The First Generation Graduate Student Experience

David Hayes

Waking up White: Understanding how white people support systemic racism without even knowing it, and what we can do about it

Donnie Taveras and Travis O’Dell

Blackish: Latinoish: Asianish: How does patriarchal culture in music, television and the film industry play a role in how men of color come to develop their identities? A much needed discussion of race, class and masculinity.

Senator Juan Pichardo

Building Passion to Impact Students of Color through Government Internships

Carmen Diaz-Jusino

Cultural Acceptance and Inclusion

Luckson Omoaregba

The Importance of Multicultural Organizations (MSOs) in American Higher Education

Catalina Martinez

Equity Through Access: Increasing the Potential for Minority Success in Majority Settings

Gender and Sexuality Center

Advanced Safe Zone Track: Race and Ethnicity

Matthew Quainoo

Wow! You Speak Like You Are White: Achievement Gap? or Opportunity Gap?

Victor Capellan

The Power of Mentoring in Achieving Success

Ganiatu Afolabi

Black Male Privilege in the Age of the Prison Industrial Complex

Brandy Jones

Pull Up Your Pants: The Emergence of Respectsbility Politics

James E. Reed III

Underrepresented and Overwhelmed: Supporting Students Of Color Dealing With Mental Health Concerns

Yelitsa Jean-Charles

. . . But We Have a Black President Though: The Myth of the Post Racial Society

Dr. Domingo Morel

The Politics of Mass Incarceration

Loren Spears

“I am not your mascot!”

Dr. Judy Kawamoto

The Impact of Mentoring for Asian American Women



S.A.W.A Hair Show

DIVE RI 2015 Closing Keynote

Marc Lamont Hill - CED Keynote

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