The Hairy Movement Of Self Love

tumblr_o9evb8bnmf1r1ubtxo7_1280It’s all about the curls in 2016! People of all age, race, and gender are beginning a new chapter of self-acceptance. They’re grabbing the scissors and choosing to go all natural!

The natural hair journey is dedicated to embracing naturally kinky, curly, and wavy hair that have been manipulated to fit the “Beauty Ideal” for years in society.

This journey has begun a true epidemic in society. Every corner of social media, YouTube channels, red carpet events, and even music has become world wide outlets for individuals to embrace the roots of their ancestors.

Did you know that, from years 2006-2011 the NY Times states, industries who developed dangerous and detrimental straightening hair kits have dropped in sales by 17%?! Imagine the percentage now! Not only is social media an outlet for support and knowledge for women but, there are also amazing events happening that support the cause! The first festival dedicated to natural hair acceptance was CURLFEST! Presented by Curly Girl Collective, their mission is to “harness the energy of the natural hair

13613374_1064840246930958_4303752210760408701_o-1movement.” This festival is filled with vibrant colors, music, artists, and even vendors that are dedicated to the natural journey. More importantly, this festival is filled with people who are unapologetically themselves through their hair.

Each summer, since 2014, unique people from different walks of life come together to embrace their natural hair! It was a safe space for positive energy for all stages of the journey, and all people of color.

Hair has become a movement of self love, empowerment, and a new beginning for women around the world. Natural hair is more than a trend. It has become a promise individuals have made to be truly, uniquely themselves and we are better because of it.



Click HERE for more information about Curlfest & their amazing movement. 


Article by Brianna Vega


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